Food Security


When the new semester starts on Jan 2nd.

Anyways, stay un-deterred my friends!

Here are some weapons- I mean strategies to win the battle UBC has gotten us into:

1. Marbelous Cookie – Yes, I am serious.

2. Do your readings.

3. Visit profs’ office hours.

4. Have enough sleep. You don’t want to get sick- not with vicious flu viruses going rampant.

5. Exercise.

6. And, have a balanced diet.

Desserts are a must.


Best wishes,








It is not inequalities that kill people, it is those who are responsible for these inequalities that kill people.

Vicente Navarro (Dr. Dharamsi’s presentation on Food as a Basic Human Right)


It was an amazing day.

From global perspectives to local initiatives in Vancouver and on campus, the conference brought together people with different skills and specialties but with same passion- FOOD.

Our morning session was filled with amazing speakers who advocated for individual awareness regarding food issues and our afternoon  session was just so brilliant as many awesome ideas were hatched during the interactive panels’ session composed of representatives from local initiatives in Vancouver and in UBC.

A $50 voucher was given to the team who came up with the most innovative and realistic idea to promote sustainability on campus! Stay tuned for more updates on how the team turns their idea into actions!

As for those who filled in the feedback forms, stay in touch to know which one of you will be sitting on the judges’ panel for our next project- the UBC Iron Chef Challenge!

Also, I had the chance to quickly go over the feedback forms and voila! People wrote that they learned  a lot and had much fun :)

I guess the quote above sums up the message of our conference quite neatly.

Act upon your awareness, passionate ones :)

To our sponsors- UBC Mix, AMS Sustainability, Dr. Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge and Potluck Catering, thank you!

To my hard working, UNconventional team members, well done! PASSION PROJECT ALL THE WAY! <3




The Day!

Hi everyone,

THE DAY is finally here! 

Food Conference is today at 11am at Michael Smith Building and we at Passion Project are SOOO EXCITED to see you all, you have no idea 😀

Awesome keynote speakers, awareness, surprises, panel discussions, games, connections, future projects, your project, fun 😀

Spend your day with us and walk away bringing a piece of Passion Project and innovative ways to be critical about food in different ways as this conference is designed to be so;you will be encouraged and challenged to actively engage with these issues even after our conference has ended.

Today is just the beginning :)

Much love,

Passion Project team