About: Eunice

Live small but dream big is her mantra. E is a Human Resources major at UBC who seeks to create environments where people can shoot for the moon. Nothing excites her more than hearing about others’ passions and helping them achieve their goals. She is passionate about writing, believes in the power of women, and cannot wait to trek the world over.

Passionate about UBC

Have you had a chance to watch our campus LipDub??! I have never seen so many passionate UBC-ers in one video! Read more about the event here, and watch all the passion below:


PS For every YouTube hit in the first 30 days, sponsors donate up to $1.00 to the Make a Wish Foundation. Awesome!

– E


Sometimes we get letters. This one made us so excited to keep doing what we’re doing, we thought we’d share it with all our passionate readers.

Have a great day! Can you believe the weather today in Van-city?

Stay passionate,



Hi there,
My name is Francis Arevalo. I heard about The Passion Project through my friend Jon Chiang and Jeremy Lim, both people who attended one of your photography events recently.

I don’t know exactly how to start, but for starters, I am passionate. And when I am passionate about something, I do what I can to make it work.
Two things I am trying to foster right now are photography, and spoken word. If there is room for me somewhere in the Passion Project, please let me know.

My parents taught me to follow passion from a young age, and I like to think it’s completely rubbed off on me. What you are doing over there is amazing, and I’d be privileged to be a part of it, with whatever I can offer.

Thank you,



Here’s an example of one of Francis’ poems: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eckSIP3Lyyw&feature=watch_response]

The Passionate Manifesto

Way too much procrastination has led to blog hopping which led me to this….The Holstee Manifesto. Holstee is a company that creates with a conscience. Holstee, we are adopting your manifesto. We hope that’s okay. It’s just so perfect…it’s as if you wrote it for passionate people everywhere!

You heard them, go out and ask the next person you see what their passion is.

Wear your passion!