About: Eunice

Live small but dream big is her mantra. E is a Human Resources major at UBC who seeks to create environments where people can shoot for the moon. Nothing excites her more than hearing about others’ passions and helping them achieve their goals. She is passionate about writing, believes in the power of women, and cannot wait to trek the world over.

A new SHIFT: Passion HQ is moving online, with more CONTENT than ever  

We started the PP in 2009 out of a desire to help the university students around us develop and invest in their passions and at the same time, help them to see they could make a difference in their communities with the tools they had on hand.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the project grow bigger than (at times, we’ll admit,) we were ready for. We’ve read your emails, though been slow to respond as we were re-imagining this next season for the project!

As we (E+T) have transitioned in our own personal lives, graduating from university and graduating even from Vancouver (though Vancouver will always be home for both of us!), we have also wanted the project to grow with us. We came to realize however, that the project must always serve people before people serve the project! This is not about growing the project, but rather growing our ability to serve and respond to the needs we see of people like you. As soon as this ceases to be the case, we’re not afraid to rethink why we’re here and what we should be doing differently.    

So what does this mean? We’ve been back in the incubator for hours on end dreaming and deliberating. We’ve decided that instead of being based out of our alma mater (UBC), we will be shifting to an online home. What will this look like? We will still maintain our ol stomping grounds at UBC (thanks to an incredible team out there!), but we will be making this online forum our home.

What can you look forward to?

1. A new book club starting up in September with our favourite reads and teachers that have inspired us over the years in creating this organization and will no doubt, help mold your time wherever you are dreaming. We will be starting with an oldie but a goodie entitled ‘The Art of Possibility.’ 

2. A new ‘WORLD CAFÉ’ series – starting up in mid-august, this will be an online collection of interviews and stories from various inspiring changemakers and innovative organizations across the globe

Thanks to our girl @sagalk for this pic!

Thanks to our girl @sagalk for this pic!

3. A home-grown ever-evolving tool-kit designed to support individuals and groups in starting up their own passion projects.

We will be posting more details about all of these projects in the near future, but wanted to give you just a little taste of what to expect. In the meantime, feel free to email us contact[at]thepassionproj.org if you are interested in these opportunities. 

We are so excited for what is in store. We are eternally indebted to Ritika, Efua, Vita and Joy for taking and raising this baby at our UBC location over these past 3 years of change.

Stay passionate.


T & E

Student Leadership Conference…a Love Affair

Never would I have thought One Direction would grace this page, but I also said that I would never watch Justin Bieber’s documentary and then watched it, loved it, and realized quite ironically… it’s called ‘Never say Never’. Lesson learned.

In January of 2008, in my senior year, I was invited to attend the SLC or Student Leadership Conference. Still in high school, I was more excited by the fact that I was invited to a university than the idea of a leadership conference. I went brimming with excitement and keen to experience something university-ish. It blew me away. I fell in love with the enthusiasm, the energy, the people, and well, Stephen Lewis, who was the keynote that year.

I went back every year. In 2011, T and I represented the Passion Project as a ‘highlighted project‘ at the conference. In 2012, we went back to lead our own workshop called, ‘Start: Making Ideas Happen‘ inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s thoughts on the art of the start AND we got our very own poster. Awesome. (Photos below of our 2012 adventure at the SLC)

Fast forward another year and as a recent unofficial grad, I went again to the UBC SLC  for a 5th time.

This year, 2013, the SLC theme was ‘Unwritten: Create your Story.’ Y’all know I love a good story and that even on our site, we ask students all the time, ‘What’s your story?’ Little did I know that my story for the day at the SLC would be a challenge to write something more bold than I am used to…It’s the story for another day and another place and I’ll be sharing more of my personal learnings here.

The SLC is also a place to reconnect with grand friends.

I sat through a ‘creatribution’ workshop with Adam Millard who led our second Passion Project and challenged us to combine passion + purpose.

Jackie, the talented + beautiful designer of this web-home, shared her creatributions at the ‘timeraiser’. We hugged it out. 3-4 times at least.

I was blown away at the #truthbombs Humaira left me with her workshop on Power + Passion. READ ABOUT IT HERE.

I was challenged to BE VULNERABLE at Jon‘s workshop. Jon joined us as a photographer in our third event.

And I came face to face with one message: DREAM BIG, LOVE BIGGER at Matt Corker & sista, Steph Corker’s fantabulous prezzie. Here’s an interview with Matt from back in the day.

Our passionate past just splayed out before me throughout my day at the SLC as I reunited with friends, reminding me how blessed beyond belief I have been in my 4.5 years to meet some magical folks and grow as a leader in my own shoes.

It was only fitting that I began and then ended my degree at the SLC. And even as a future alum, I plan on coming back…if they’ll have me. Student leadership – it’s a lifetime of a love affair.


Do you share our love for the SLC? Comment below!

Lead on,


FOOD, a conference to delight your tastebuds

Hi Passionate ones,

We are so excited to have new people following us following meeting you at the #TEDXTT Conference. For those who have asked, I think my talk should be up on the world wide web in a few weeks at which point I’ll be sure to share more.

For now, I’m excited to finally FINALLY finally announce what we’ve been working towards this semester. Ahrthyh touched on it and many of you who follow us on facebook may already know.

You are all invited to our FOOD conference.

When: Saturday Nov. 24 11-3pm (lunch included!)

Speakers include: Dr.Shafik Dharamsi, Dr.Candace Rideout, and Peter Driftmier –  many more to come!

Join the facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/163101183831792/

Guarantee your ticket here: http://passionprojfood.eventbrite.ca/

Follow us on twitter: @passionproj

Everyday leading up to the mini-conference, we’ll put out a FOOD FUN FACT on twitter and facebook.

Stay tuned,